1. Here is my plea for sponsors and a little kindness.

    That there ^ would be me, in November 2012. In the mangled car with about 15 people around me after cutting the roof off my car, after a car hit me at 80mph whilst I was stationary on the motorway in a traffic jam. The guy who hit me also left me there, he never came over, never helped me and I don’t even know what he looks like. Nobody bothered to stop for 10 minutes, nobody gave a shit enough to actually bother to stop. Wonderful aren’t they.

    I tore muscle in my stomach, neck, stomach and in my sides. I now have severe back pain which cannot be treated because the tissue in my back is so badly damaged, I also have really bad hips from the impact of the crash.

    I could give you a list as long as me of the things I cannot do. I cannot swim, I can’t stand for too long, I can’t sit for too long, I can’t go go-karting, I can’t go on theme park rides, I can’t wear a halter neck bikini, it hurts to cycle, it’s excruciating to run, I can’t go to the gym, I can’t roller blade, I can’t sit on a motorbike for more than 5 minutes. Let’s stop there. All the things I adore doing, the things that makes me, me; I cannot do anymore, or if I do it causes me ridiculous amount of pain.

    Luckily, the tow bar on my car and the wheel in my boot took a lot of the impact otherwise I would have been killed. My car seat snapped in half from me being flung forwards and then back again. I was 130lbs, not heavy. I didn’t think I would ever run again. November 2013 I ran a half marathon. It was bloody hard work but I’ve never been so proud of myself for doing something that should have been impossible. And so this idiot has decided to run a marathon. Because I’ve had enough of abiding by the list of things I’m not able to do.

    I’m still have physio on my back, it’ll be never ending. My university tried to kick me out and said I had missed too much and wouldn’t receive a good degree. They said if I failed more than one of my end of year exams then I would be kicked out and have to repeat 2nd year at a different university. I passed all my exams with high marks luckily. I’ve lost a lot of friends, it tore my relationship apart, I suffer from severe depression and anxiety. But I’m not quitting. I am not a quitter.

    I am a runner. I can do this. I gained 20lbs from being inactive and eating like I was still running. I now have too much weight on my hips they can’t stand it, so I’m trying to get as light as I can so it’s less strain on them.

    I’m learning to love myself and push forwards and not look back. It’s bloody hard you know.

    The air ambulance paramedics were brilliant. The outcome may not have been the same if they weren’t there. I was more distraught at the fact they were cutting the roof off my car :-( my beautiful betty car!

    I have come through so so much. I also have a friend who has been helped by North West Air Ambulance following a motocross crash that almost killed him, he’s paralysed from the waist down after severing his spinal cord. NWAA also helped him and made such a huge difference. They are an incredible charity. However they are immensely under funded. They’re hoping to be able to soon get Doctors on board all helicopters so patients can be treated sooner and more efficiently.

    Me and my friend (and ex-boyfriends mother) Roz will be running the full marathon. My sister, mother and auntie will be running the half marathon (that’s on at the same time!). It’s a humungus challenge and I am absolutely scared senseless 8)

    So if anybody can give even £1 it will be greatly appreciated, and if it can be reblogged to spread the word to hopefully get more donations it would be wonderful.

    Thank you lots xxxxx

    Here’s the link www.justgiving.com/teambettymarathon
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